Interior design services Wellington



Don’t just take my word for it. Read what my awesome clients have to say about my interior design services and how the changes I have made have transformed how they feel about their homes now.

For a deeper glimpse into how I work, read Jane and Peter’s story, to find out how I helped them to refresh their 1901 classic villa, with a beautiful and luxurious look and feel.

“We engaged Nicci to help us decorate our home after some renovations.

We weren’t sure of how to create the look we desired or what furniture to keep or what new pieces we would need to buy. We wanted to do things once and do it right.

Nicci understood straight away what we wanted to create. In fact she helped us work out what it was we wanted!

It was really reassuring for us to have her working with us. Not only did Nicci make things easy for us, she has been a real pleasure to work with.

She is professional, engaging, and flexible. She had clear ideas and was able to keep both my husband and I happy and on the same page – which probably wasn’t always easy.

Nicci has done a fantastic job. We are thrilled with the results and they have exceeded our expectations. I just love spending time in our new spaces now. The only thing is that I wished we'd spoken to Nicci earlier in the process."

- K . Scrimgeour, Brooklyn

"My living room just didn't work … a beautiful room, which I almost never used because it felt awkward and didn’t have natural flow.... Then I met Nicci....

It is now the most friendly, comfortable room I enjoy being in and am proud to entertain my friends in.”

- P. Parker, Wellington

Interior design services Wellington
Interior design services Wellington

"We're loving the new accessories - I still feel a flutter of excitement every time I walk in the room.

I'm so pleased I sought Nicci's advice - I'm really happy with the result and she's given me some great tips for making decisions, so I feel more confident about making future choices for the living room and elsewhere in our house".

- K Schofield, Karori

“Nicci has a real gift for seeing possibilities that completely change the look and feel of a space.

She finds objects that are nothing special where they currently are, and gives them a new life by changing their placement and how they work with a broader colour scheme. She also finds objects that really are special, but either hidden away or under-utilised and gives them the pride of place they deserve. In particular, she is able to key into the personality of her client and what matters to them so that the space becomes a better reflection of them.

I love what she did with our hodge podge stuff - so homely and comfortable now!”

- K Wolanski, Roseneath

Interior design services Wellington
Interior design services Wellington

“Nicci's warm, friendly and personable manner put me completely at ease from the moment she walked in the door so I felt totally comfortable showing her everything.

She was brimming with great ideas and enthusiasm and I loved what she suggested for our lounge room.

She got me excited and inspired and I'm really looking forward to seeing her again. Thanks Nicci!”

- H King, Mt Victoria

"We have found the spaces much more practical and enjoyable to be in.

I had five friends over last Friday night. In the living room and we had a cosy area to chat, with the supper served on the Ottoman - very practical.

When my husband and I are home together, we can chat more easily and also have the TV on without it dominating.

The family room remains a practical yet more inviting play space and with the addition of the desk/office area, I can check emails while the children play or supervise their use of the computer.

I also love that some favourite pieces of furniture now get pride of place. Thanks so much Nicci. We have fallen in love with our home again".

- R Grainger, Brooklyn

“Thank you Nicci for squeezing more functionality out of our home and making it feel more peaceful and inviting. I will wholeheartedly recommend your services to all".

- S Bissmire, Brooklyn