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I’m here to help you create a home you love.


Imagine stepping through your Front door after a busy day…

Kicking off your shoes and relaxing on your favourite sofa.

You close your eyes for a minute. When you open them, you smile at how much you love the space around you. It feels good to be home.

After years of feeling dissatisfied with your space, your home finally has the soulful feeling you’ve been yearning for.

You’re excited and inspired by the fresh new look you’ve created, your own unique and timeless space.

You’ve got clear on your style, and are no longer influenced by trends. Instead your home is a true reflection of you.

Hello! I’m Nicci. An Interior Designer who helps clients living in the Wellington region to create soulful and authentic homes.

I do this by showcasing items they already own and love, while incorporating new pieces that complement what they have.

As you’re reading this, I expect one or more of the feelings below may apply to you:

  • Your space doesn’t feel right. It feels disjointed and uninspiring.

  • You have items you love but you don’t know where to put them or how to use them.

  • You’re not sure about the look and feel you want to create, or how to achieve it.

If so, you’re not alone! I’ve worked with many others who felt this way and I helped them to get the results they craved.

Creating the feeling of “arriving home” is not just about creating a well designed space that looks good. It’s personal.

A soulful home is designed to incorporate special pieces and memories that tell a story about those who live there. This is the approach I bring to you, through Homes with Soul.

Being resourceful and creative, we will showcase your special items, and infuse your interior with fresh new energy. Any new pieces we do bring into your home, will always be carefully selected to fit your personal style, and be of a quality that will last.

Don’t spend another year uninspired by your home. I’m here to work with you to co-create a special space that you’ll be happy living in for many years to come.

First, let’s get clear on what you want to achieve. Then we’ll identify the blocks that prevent you from getting the look you want and we’ll discuss how we’ll work together to transform your home into one you love. Book your free call below.

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